четверг, 11 июля 2013 г.

Polka dot cardigan

So, this is my last post for next few days as I will be too busy and won't have time for blogging :)
I was out of cardigans and I got this one for 1 quid in charity shop, I really loved it, it is very soft and comfortable :))  And I dodn't know how to decorate it, and I found my moms ''gift'' - her broken necklace, which she gave me for my crafty projects. At first I wanted to sew pearls in a chaotic way around neckline, but naaah... Then I wanted to decorate only sleeves... And in the end I decided to decorate all front side in polka dots :))

So, on the back I draw cages by dry soap and started to sew down the pearls. To be precious, 48 pearls were sewn... Few hours, and my cardigan were ready! :)) I like it a lot :))

This is how jumper looked like at start...

...and after decoration :


Cheers xx

среда, 10 июля 2013 г.

Hair leather bows

Once I saw girl wearing on her hair leather bows... Having a bit of scrap leather at home, I decided to make mines too :))  It was easy, and looks cool on hair. Unfortunately, nobody made a photo of me wearing them (actually, this is usual problem - there is nobody who can help me with photos) so Im showing them laying on the table. :)

Here is small inspiration at first : 

And here are my variations of leather hair bows :
I have been using fake leather, real leather, and snake fake leather ribbon.

суббота, 6 июля 2013 г.

customised tiger jumper

Summer's going really fast, aren't it? But I have always time for some fresh DIY things :) And for small shopping and charity shop hunting! And recenetly I have been thinking about this blog... I need to make new design and header and a lot of other things to change it! :) But that's later, for now... My jumper, which I got in charity shop for 1 quid and gold craft studs, which my friend gifted me :)  Inspiration I took... Yeah, from Kenzo famous jumpers with dogs and sharks and rhinestones :)   So, here are small DIY, very easy and looks cool in the end!

Everything you will need:

Start to put studs into jumper (don't forget to draw circle around your picture! I have been using a pan for that... Yeah, a frying pan! )

This is how studs look like on the back side, I have been cutting them shorter for my own comfort.


Final whole garment :)

take care xx

понедельник, 1 июля 2013 г.


A small post about two necklaces I have made for last month, the blue one are already sold, but pink... I think I will leave it for myself because I adore it! :)  It is so haaard to make one like this necklace, it takes ages, handweaving aound the chain, then sewing beads and fringes on, you need to have lots of patience for sure to make this :))

So, here are some pics, and if you are interested in some like this necklaces, feel free to contact me and order, as I have 10 meters of chain left :)))) Okay, maybe less, around... 8 meteres, but still! :)

четверг, 27 июня 2013 г.

New Love

Probably my next few posts are going to be about updating everything using chain. Since I got my 10 meters of chain from ebay, I have started to work with it. Actually, I bought it for necklaces, but it won't be waste if few cloths I will update with it.
So, my first thng was sandals, second will be dress, and third... Who knows, but I think it will be cardigan shoulders :)

A small DIY :)  There aren't anything complicated, but still, I decided to show the way I worked :)

So, you will need simple sandals, needle, thread and chain :)

Start sewing very accurate and don't make extra holes in sandal straps... I decided to sew on chain on simple sraps, not on pleated ones :)

Few hours of work and sandal decoration are done! :)

Close ups :)


So, have fun and great summer diy's :)) 

понедельник, 17 июня 2013 г.

Feather earrings

Heey I know I need to post more in here... Im too lazy and I have so much other stuff to do! Too creative times, too busy and of course, its too summer outside!
But I will try at least post once per week to keep updating this blog, I don't want it to die... :)


cheers x

понедельник, 4 марта 2013 г.

A sense of place : Old Riga

Finally I have made pictures of my last semester project - A sense of place, for which I choose my favorite place in the world, Old Riga. Place of dark small streets, interestings shapes, lots of lines and art noveau style. From all this pictures I have made a book, and a setchbook (together I have almost 100 pictures) and the best ones I'm showing in here.

Colourful story.
Spring in Riga.

Monochrome story.
Autumn in Riga.

And this is probably my favorite drawing :))) 

Materials used:  
-black pen
-different types, weights and colours of paper